History and Philosophy

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In 1910, The Bank & Trust opened its doors with a promise to provide superior financial products with exceptional customer service in Del Rio, Texas. The bank has served as a symbol of strength to its customers throughout times of trial and innovation including The Great Depression, two world wars, and an ever-changing economic climate for over 100 years. During that time period, what started as a small community bank, has expanded into the insurance and investment fields, and grown to include over 10,000 customers in six different markets throughout Texas.

The Bank & Trust knows that banking is more than checking accounts and loans. Banking is about people and relationships and are serious about providing Excellent and Exceptional service every day. In fact, it’s The Bank & Trust Philosophy, and is referred to as “E Squared” service. The “E Squared” philosophy continues past the day-to-day interaction with customers at the branch locations. The Bank & Trust also extends this philosophy into the communities that support its banks, customers, and team members. At each branch location, The Bank & Trust is a major contributor to community events, projects and activities including youth sports, cultural affairs, and education and tourism initiatives.

In addition to its philosophy of Excellent and Exceptional service, The Bank & Trust staff operates as a team.  Each branch gathers every day for a motivational time meant to inspire exceptional service, team work, and professional development.  Often, these meetings are led with inspirational quotes and phrases selected by members of The Bank & Trust team and this philosophy of inspirational phrases is carried over into promotional materials and the website.    

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